UMASYS is Universal system for measurement and acquizition, developed by Zof ELektro doo in asociation with BITF doo Belgrade, Ministry of Science and Technological Development. It is cheap and reliable system for measurement and acquiyition both analog and digital signals and it is capable to process very complex mathematical calculations. Fast and optimized communication interfaces and protocols allows easy connection with different equipement (PC computers, printers,...)



The project "DEVELOPMENT OF INTELLIGENT PANIC BUTTON" is realized by Zof Electro LTD with  participation in innovation projects for the year 2009 the Ministry of Science and Technology of Government of Republic of Serbia, and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Innovation Centre ICEF as the Implementing Agency.


The development of "panic button" system brings to the market to a system that appears to be low and affordable price allow a quality security systems for public and other institutions, and also to alert the system enabled Redundant incidents with the parties. Redundant alarm means alerts via network (alarms on your computer), SMS, and independent radio paging system that would not be dependent on the load GSM/3G networks.



Pressing the hidden button the security system sends alarm to security staff so they can adequately respond. In many institutions / institutions of security is not static, but security personnel moving around the house, so you must provide independent paging networks through which to send messages to security. Messages can also be sent via radio link through the predefined / type previously recorded message: "Attention, attention: incident situation in the office number 108."
panic3a    panic2

The system consists of two functionally related areas:

1.Server - PC computer that takes several parallel processes:

  1.1. NetSec server application for monitoring of sensor

  1.2. Web server for the "online" access to the status of sensors, control and management and inspection logs.

  1.3. The server application for processing of alarm conditions.

2nd The network of sensors - "panic button" that unites the

  2.1. Power system

  2.2. Multiplexing system (switch).

  2.3. Need to increase the number of subsystems (repeater).

  2.4. USB interface to the server

  2.5. Sensor - "panic button".



Complete software is divided into several parts, according to the functional units of the system

  SERVER application for carrying the mail polling of all devices. This application is called a demon and is written in the Java programming environment

  SERVER Although there alikaciju management of the database and the application of the developer in PHP

  Communication protocols between demons and multiplexers, and further PANIC BUTTON devices are created in C++.

  PANIC BUTTON Sotver for devices made ​​in C.