UMASYS is Universal system for measurement and acquizition, developed by Zof ELektro doo in asociation with BITF doo Belgrade, Ministry of Science and Technological Development. It is cheap and reliable system for measurement and acquiyition both analog and digital signals and it is capable to process very complex mathematical calculations. Fast and optimized communication interfaces and protocols allows easy connection with different equipement (PC computers, printers,...)



Arteco robots - recycling robots are produced by the work of authorship mr. Biljana Vicković with production and technical design engineering team Zof Electro Co.Ltd.

Arteco robots are designed to raise environmental awareness of citizens and especially children. Innovative technology solutions that allow users an interactive and interesting way to carry out waste separation.


By inserting a waste of Arteco robot user gets the ticket with the message about the importance of the recycling process and a special code at the end of message.

Through this code the user logged on the website, on which the play "Green Games" - video games with environmental messages.

The idea of ​​the game is to collect as many points and the points are collected by removing the waste through the different levels of games. Moving to the next level game requires you to feed the robots with the waste, which the children through play and encourage citizens to collect additional recyclable materials.

Each robot container ArtEco "eats" a particular type of waste (paper, metal cans and plastics).


ARTECO ArtEco team consists of four robots and each of them has its function:




4. TICKET ROBOT - printing tickets

ArtEco robot fourth container is very special because it is designed to issue a ticket which is provided for insertion of waste into one of three containers. The robot is equipped with special electronic components, microcontroller and voice chip that monitors the work of other robots (communicate with them) and based on user actions corresponding printed ticket, depending on what is inserted into the other three robots.

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