We are capable to design and product electronic devices on demand. We also do the reverse engeneering, service and reparation of old electronis (both analog and digital) devices, replacement of old automation systems with our designs, process control and complete automatization of production lines, remote control, data acquizition and data transfer.


Flexo 013_resize.jpg

Flexo printing machine controller is based on ZE KPS 12 Process controller with addition of alphanumeric (nstead of LED) display.

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Controller is used to controll temperature of drying air (PID) over 2 heater groups of 12 and 24kW. There is also controll of printed foil length, speed, warning sensors and motor operation parameters (overheating, speed,...)

Mechanic of this machine is completely developed by BB trade company from Cacak. 











Inside electric box - controller.