2011th was the year when The Company ZOF ELECTRO LTD will take for the first first time independent part of the Belgrade Fair of technology and technical achievements, to be held from 05/09/2011. to 14.05.2011. in Hall 4 On this occasion we will demonstrate and present our range of products and services that we offer.
We invite all business partners and interested parties to visit us during the fair.




During 2001 the company ZOF ELECTRO DOO has developed system for stamping digital teletext signal into an existing video signal - Teletext INSERTER. Inserter is installed at the exit from the mixer in a TV studio, and its output is kept at the transmitter modulator. Our system includes all needed programs - design of teletext pages, their organization and distribution, support for electronics, which mixed the signal and connection to the network (WWW, LAN ...) in order to remote control operation and maintenance of inserter.

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Security - all media yet under the control of the owner or the editor in chief. The remote control can limit the access rights, so it is possible to even rent space on teletext third parties whereby the lessee can access only its range of teletext pages.

Reliability - maximum attention is paid to resistance to quit. In the end, when the realization of hardware implemented solutions that provide the extremely high level of resistance to denounce (loopthrough relay) using the critical components of the highest quality. The disappearance of supplies, hardware malfunction or error in the system or application software, can lead only to break stamping teletext, but not to cut off TV signals on the path to the transmitter.

Functionality and modularity - Since the software adapt to the specific needs of each of our client, you can be sure you get the functionality you need, rather than their subordinates opportunities generic requirements of the applications that are usually supplied with these devices. Open and documented specifications of the system allows easy extension of functionality, by our or your experts. Because of its modularity, our system allows a maximum rapidly and effectively respond to every request at the application software (dynamic content from a database or downloading from the Internet, SMS, chat, automated system for small ads, games, quizzes ...)

Easy installation and administration - teletext encoder comes packaged in a rack-mount enclosure that is therefore easily integrated with existing studio equipment. Enabled a very flexible administration, both local (via keyboard and mouse) and remote (via modem or local network).

Cost - Total cost of having our teletext system is very competitor compared with other systems. Expressed modularity allows you to get your money for maximum system adapted to the specific requirements of your television, where you pay what you should not. Our company will provide full training for the use of the system and quality technical support in the period that you choose. With the supplied equipment, get a year warranty and regular maintenance during the operation.



Video input - output 1 Volt composite input 75R BNC connector
Amplitude of output TTX signal 462 mV (adustable) ± 20%
Amplification of inserter 0dB ± 0.1dB (adjustable)
Bandwidth  0-6 MHz ± 0.1dB
Unlinear deviation  phase < 1°, amplitude < 1%
Signal/noise ratio  > 65dB RMS (0.2 - 5.5 MHz)
Time delay from sync to TTX start  12 µS (adjustable)
Capacity  10 000 pages (expandable)
Rotating slides  9999 per page 
TTX mod Serial 
TTX format EBU Level 1.5
Hardware base Industrial PC Pentium
Inserter electronics ISA BUS card with DSP signal processor 
Operational memory  256 MB 
HDD  80 GB
Communication  LAN 10/100, modem, RS232
Software for DSP on TTX card  
Adapted BIOS  
Windows driver for TTX card  
Microsoft Windows  
Microsoft .NET Framework